UnitedHealthcare’s Surest helps growing family better manage health care costs

Surest helps through the big and small moments

There is never a dull moment at the Miller’s home near Philadelphia. Melanie, a mom of three energetic little boys, says her kids always keep her on her toes — but she wouldn’t want it any other way.

Melanie’s boys were all born via C-section, so she’s very familiar with the unpredictable journey of pregnancy – and the sometimes-daunting cost of maternal health care.

But when Melanie was given the choice to switch her health plan to UnitedHealthcare’s Surestduring open enrollment as a UnitedHealthcare employee, she was attracted by the upfront pricing on a number of services, including maternity care and childbirth.

“I decided to switch to Surest due to its cost transparency and because it took less out of my paycheck. I was also intrigued by its simple digital experience and have since been amazed by the customer service,” Melanie said. “However, why I’m staying is the cost, which has been the number one factor as I’ve grown my family.”

Melanie made the switch a few years before she became pregnant with her youngest son. With Surest, Melanie’s family saved more than $4,000 during her third pregnancy, compared to her previous deliveries on a high-deductible plan. That includes the cost of her prenatal appointments, ultrasounds, checkups associated with her gestational diabetes and her C-section hospital birth.

On top of the savings, Melanie said she appreciated being able to see all of her pregnancy costs upfront with Surest. She said she was shocked when she opened the Surest app and could see the cumulative costs for her pregnancy – nine months ahead of time.

“I didn’t believe it, so I called customer service, and, sure enough, they confirmed,” she said. “When the bill came, it was the cost that I was quoted at the beginning. It was the same doctor and the same hospital that I had delivered my second son at — just thousands of dollars in difference.”

“As I'm budgeting for my family, I have a better idea of what it's going to actually cost me.”


— Melanie, Surest member

Surest members have access to coverage immediately, without chipping away at a deductible. Members can search for care based on a physician’s name, their location, a specialty service or simply the symptom they are experiencing. From there, they’re able to access UnitedHealthcare’s national network of doctors, hospitals and clinics. 

Life with three boys is busy – and Melanie knows it’s not slowing down any time soon. She said having the Surest health plan helps her better budget for life’s unexpected moments, big and small.

“Sick visit costs for multiple children can add up quickly, especially when you don’t know how much is truly owed on a deductible plan,” she said. “With Surest, I have confidence in knowing what I’m going to pay before going in.”

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