UHC Hub: Connecting employees to a network of stand-alone health solutions

In today’s landscape of employee benefits, there’s a vendor and a solution for just about everything. Whether an employee is looking for help to lose weight, find maternal health care or get assistance recovering from a surgery or injury, there are often multiple options to consider. This can be a lot to navigate for employees — and a lot to manage for employers.

To help streamline the process, UnitedHealthcare is introducing the UHC Hub™, which features a curated network of vendors and is designed to help simplify the process for employers of selecting and purchasing health programs for employees to access. 

Starting in 2024, the UHC Hub™ will include more than 20 stand-alone health care programs available for self-funded customers to purchase, including point solutions focused on healthy living, financial planning, complex health conditions, digital coaching and more. Eligible UnitedHealthcare members can access these programs through an integrated experience, including via advocates, myuhc.com or the UnitedHealthcare app, to find and enroll in available programs that meet their needs.

For employers, the platform helps simplify the experience by taking care of procurement, vendor management, integration and billing for third-party health solutions, which may lead to savings of up to 15% compared to the traditional cost of these stand-alone solutions.1

“By using technology and personalized support, we are focused on enhancing our digital experience and customer care resources to support improved health outcomes and satisfaction among our members, reduce the total cost of care and deliver greater value for employers,” said Dan Kueter, CEO of UnitedHealthcare’s commercial business.

The new platform builds on UnitedHealthcare’s enhanced advocacy solutions, which are designed to help people make more informed health care decisions, such as staying in network, assist with hospital discharge planning and support, review potential treatment and medication options based on coverage considerations and more.

A recent analysis of large and mid-size employers shows UnitedHealthcare’s enhanced customer care resources reduced the total medical cost of care by up to 4%.2 In addition, access to these customer care resources led to an increase of 23% in enrollment of clinical programs, while also helping to reduce gaps in care.3

With more employers citing advocacy solutions as a top priority when selecting health benefits4, these resources aim to offer more personalized support and help improve employee satisfaction, while delivering an integrated approach with simplicity at its core.   

The UHC Hub launched in January 2024. 

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