3 reasons to consider adding vision insurance

When you make benefits decisions during open enrollment, it’s important to think about all the options, including ones that go beyond medical coverage. A sometimes-overlooked example is vision insurance — an important benefit that may help with more than eye health.

“You might think of vision benefits only for an annual eye exam or a discount on prescription lenses, but modern plans offer far more,” said Dr. Scott Edmonds, chief eye care officer at UnitedHealthcare. “They are designed to help protect your health, provide resources for being safer in a screen-filled world and offer help for seeing clearly while we learn, work and play.”

3 reasons to consider adding a vision plan

Here are three reasons to consider adding a vision plan when you sign up for next year’s health benefits: 

1. Help with detecting diseases

Vision plans often include coverage for an annual comprehensive exam, which can be a powerful way to measure health — and not just for your eyes. An eye exam can reveal signs of at least 20 different health conditions, including:

For people with chronic conditions like diabetes, who may be required to get routine eye exams as part of a recommended treatment plan, vision benefits that include a comprehensive eye exam can be especially valuable.

2. Proactive protection against blue light

n our increasingly connected world, many people spend significant time in front of blue-light-emitting digital devices, which may lead to a condition called digital eye strain. Your vision plan may provide resources designed to help lower exposure to blue light. Features may include coverage for glasses with anti-reflective coating or discounts on blue-light screen protectors and laptops with embedded blue-light-filtering technology.

3. Savings on prescription eyewear and LASIK surgery

Many employer-sponsored vision plans offer savings on prescription eyewear, including sunglasses, reading glasses and blue-light-filtering glasses. Some plans also include coverage or a member discount for laser eye surgery.

UnitedHealthcare Vision members have access to savings on prescription eyewear through a wide variety of providers and locations. Top national and regional retailers, specialty online retailers and private practices are all part of the network — which helps create more access, choice and flexibility for members.

If you’re a UnitedHealthcare Vision member, you may be eligible for discounts of up to 35% on laser vision correction at QualSight LASIK locations.

“There’s a lot to cover during open enrollment, but time spent looking into vision resources can pay you back in several ways,” Dr. Edmonds said. “It certainly helps you stay on top of your eye health and promote your overall well-being — and it may make it more affordable to get the eyewear you need to see clearly.”

For more information on vision insurance and eye health, visit myuhcvision.com.

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