Members can earn up to $1,000 for reaching health and activity goals

UHC Rewards

Walk for a few days and earn enough money for a specialty coffee. Track your sleep for a couple of weeks and deposit money into your health savings account. Complete a one-time health survey and earn enough to cover an insurance co-pay.

These are a few of the many ways some eligible members are cashing in with UnitedHealthcare (UHC) Rewards, the company’s most advanced digital wellness program, offering incentives of up to $1,000 a year.1

“This is a chance for people to play an active part in helping to make their health care more affordable,” said Samantha Baker, vice president of consumer digital health and engagement at UnitedHealthcare. “Members can each earn hundreds of dollars a year for reaching all kinds of daily program goals and completing one-time reward activities.”

UHC Rewards pays members in incentives that can be added to a pre-paid debit card or deposited into a health savings account — unlike some other programs that may only offer points redeemable for specific products.

“This program supports our priority of making health care more affordable,” Samantha said. “UHC Rewards gives our members access to incentives that can help cover out-of-pocket medical expenses and remove potential financial barriers to health care. The incentives are theirs to spend or save after they complete a program goal or an activity.”

Eligible members can activate UHC Rewards at no additional cost through the UnitedHealthcare app or Participants who add a fitness tracker, including Apple Watch and devices from other technology companies, have even more opportunities to earn real money.

Incentives include:

  • $3.50 per week for walking 5,000 steps a day
  • $7 per week for 30 active minutes of fitness a day
  • $10 for tracking 14 days of sleep
  • $25 for completing a health survey

“UHC Rewards is designed to help encourage wellness and promote overall health by helping people prevent or better manage certain chronic conditions,” Samantha said. “The results can be lower medical costs for individual members and their employers.”

Who’s eligible: UHC Rewards is now a standard part of fully insured plans for select small employers. More than half a million UnitedHealthcare members have access to the program and 3 million members are expected to have it by year’s end. The program will be expanded to include self-funded UnitedHealthcare plans, likely starting in 2024.

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