Members may earn hundreds per year for reaching program health and activity goals

UHC Rewards

Walk for a few days and earn rewards that can be spent virtually however you want. Track your sleep for a couple of weeks and get money deposited into your health savings account (HSA) to help cover medical expenses. Complete a one-time health survey and earn incentives to help pay for a monthly gym membership or subscription-based fitness program.

These are a few of the many ways eligible members may be cashing in with UnitedHealthcare (UHC) Rewards, a leading consumer engagement program that offers incentives of $300 per year – or up to $1,0001  a year if your employer buys up that option – by completing various daily health goals and one-time activities.

UHC Rewards enables members to earn health-related incentives that can be added to a pre-paid debit card2  or deposited into an HSA — unlike some other programs that may only offer virtual coins. If you are interested in getting an Apple Watch, UHC Rewards members can now pay as little as $0 out of pocket and then use rewards for completing program goals to pay toward the price of the device.      

Other recent program upgrades enable participants to earn incentives for completing various activities that can contribute to their health, in some cases actions people may already being doing.    

New and existing daily and one-time activities for rewards include:

  • Completing an annual wellness exam
  • Getting an annual flu shot
  • Completing a virtual urgent care visit
  • Achieving 5,000 steps or more each day
  • Completing 15 minutes or more of activity per day
  • Tracking sleep for 14 nights
  • Completing weekly sleep and fitness challenges
  • Getting a biometric screening
  • Completing a health survey 

“UnitedHealthcare Rewards provides a more compelling and engaging experience, offering an integrated experience through a single app and website that enables members to maximize the value of their benefits while earning incentives for completing activities that are designed to improve health and lower costs,” said Samantha Baker, chief consumer officer for the UnitedHealthcare commercial business.  

Eligible members can activate UHC Rewards at no additional cost through the UnitedHealthcare app or Participants who add a fitness tracker, including Apple Watch, have even more opportunities to earn rewards.

Examples of reward opportunities include1 :

  • $5.25 per week for walking 5,000 steps a day
  • $8.75 per week for 30 active minutes of fitness a day
  • $10 for tracking 14 days of sleep
  • $25 for completing a health survey

“UHC Rewards gives our eligible members flexibility on how to earn and redeem their incentives, including to help cover out-of-pocket medical expenses and remove potential financial barriers to care,” Samantha said. “The incentives are theirs to spend or save how they want after completing a program goal or an activity.”  

Who’s eligible: The program is now available to most employers with two or more employees with UnitedHealhcare fully insured or level funded plans nationwide at the start of their new plan year. Select self-funded customers are now eligible to purchase the program, with additional self-funded customers gaining the option by 2025.

“UHC Rewards is designed to help spur engagement, encourage daily activity and promote overall health, including to help people prevent or better manage chronic conditions,” Samantha said. “In fact, registered UHC Rewards members are over twice as engaged with their health plan via our digital resources compared to non-registered members, helping contribute to more informed health care decisions.”

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