Helping those experiencing housing insecurity with compassion and stability in Kentucky

Bowling Green is the fastest growing city in Kentucky, and yet has a poverty rate of 26.6% — more than double the national average. With that, comes housing insecurity — which includes those experiencing homelessness, but also things like poor rental conditions and predatory lease agreements.

Since 1981, HOTEL INC., an organization on the west end of Bowling Green, helps residents achieve attainable goals for self-sufficiency, improving social and economic outcomes through both personal empowerment and neighborhood revitalization. A $15,000 grant by the UnitedHealthcare Community Plan of Kentucky helps power these efforts with the Holistic Partnership program.

This goes beyond providing housing support for those in the Delafield and West End neighborhoods of Bowling Green, they also provide educational opportunities, transportation workshops for life skills, as well as legal aid. This has included things like record expungement and managing relationships with building management to help prevent a disruptive eviction. HOTEL INC. also provides medical respite for people who need a place to recover after surgery or treatment.

In their Delafield housing space, the program works to create community, where the people they serve see themselves as part of something bigger.

“We want to be a good guest and a good neighbor,” said Rhondell Miller, executive director of HOTEL INC. “While housing is a big part, that holistic approach is very present for us.”

During 2023, 385 people (688 including family members) participated in the Holistic Partnership program. Since the program began, nearly 70% have achieved independent living in apartments or homes.1

“Access to affordable housing impacts many families across our state and has a strong influence in health outcomes,” said Jacob Archibald, Health Equity Consultant, UnitedHealthcare Community Plan of Kentucky. “By working with an organization deeply rooted in the area they serve like HOTEL INC., we can make a difference in this specific community.”

To achieve full housing security for underserved individuals and families, there are a number of factors to consider. In a community like Bowling Green, HOTEL INC.. is already helping residents find their way — and in collaboration with the UnitedHealthcare Community Plan of Kentucky, this holistic work can continue and expand in a meaningful way.

HOTEL INC.’s deep roots in Bowling Green are mirrored by the foundation grown by the people they serve, who have found stable housing and employment, and the opportunities to thrive. 

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