Navigating care for cerebral palsy with added support and compassion

Collaborative care for those with complex needs

Growing up with cerebral palsy, Camille Atkins-Maya received care from a supportive pediatric primary care provider. However, when she turned 18, Camille struggled with the uncertainty of becoming an adult — transitioning away from pediatric support into a care model that could often seem fractured and full of unknowns.

“In the world of living life with a disability, reaching the age of 18 is this scary feeling,” she said. “Because we don’t know what’s going to happen next.”

Fortunately, Camille, a STAR+Plus member of the UnitedHealthcare Community Plan of Texas, was connected to a clinic that brings together care teams and social workers under one roof to help address her medical needs and more.

That’s also where she met Petrina Alderson, her UnitedHealthcare service coordinator. Petrina is embedded within Baylor College of Medicine’s Transition Medical Clinic, which provides wraparound care, services and coordination for people with disabilities in the Waco, Texas metropolitan area. Petrina is part of a comprehensive team that helps guide care for Camile and remove barriers in her everyday life.

“Petrina has been absolutely wonderful,” Camille said. “There have been times when I needed certain medical equipment or supplies covered. She was able to be that middle person for me so we could push it through and get it approved.”

“She not only cares about you as a person, but she’s dedicated to doing whatever it is to help you along your path.”

Petrina, for her part, is thrilled to see Camille thriving, with the help of her transition clinic team.

“I’m really excited and elated for Camille to see her reach her goals,” Petrina said. “I’m really proud to be an employee of UnitedHealthcare who strives to reach out to the community and build those relationships.”

Camille recently accepted her first full-time job, after attending school to study heath care disparities, diversity and advocacy with the University of Texas and the MD Anderson Cancer Center.

“I hope to help other people in the same situation so that they don’t have to go through the struggle that I had to go through,” Camille said.

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