Maximize the mind-body connection to help live your best life

When we think about exercise, we usually think about the physical benefits: healthier heartsstronger bones and the ability to enjoy our favorite activities. But there could also be important mental benefits that are just as vital to our overall health and wellness – especially in a time as stressful as the past couple of years. In fact, even a small amount of movement may help brain function, which is wonderful news for those with impaired mobility due to injury or illness.

“Physical activity, whether it is a strenuous run or a light session of chair yoga, requires brain activity that establishes a mind-body connection,” said Victor Chang, M.D., chief medical officer at UnitedHealthcare Medicare & Retirement, North Carolina, who specializes in the field of physical medicine and rehabilitation. “Exercise of any kind can also help restore the balance of certain chemicals in the brain that may boost a feeling of wellness and improve memory and motor function.”

The fact is, moving your body is good for your brain. Experts say people who are physically active may have:

Want to boost your memory and mental health even more? Tap into the power of nature. Taking your workout outside – or simply strolling through a park – may further boost your brainpower. A study found that spending 120 minutes outdoors a week may benefit your overall health.

“Getting out of our homes for some fresh air and activity promotes a sense of well-being,” Dr. Chang said. “Moving our bodies increases our heart rate, which enhances circulation within the brain and helps to improve mood and cognition.”

Getting physically and mentally active has never been easier for eligible UnitedHealthcare Medicare Advantage members, thanks to Renew Active®. Renew Active is a great combo package to help people to get physically and mentally fit, all while being designed around personal goals for your mind and body, and it is available at no additional cost. 

Renew Active provides standard access to participating national and local fitness locations to help you keep moving. The program also features many engaging online brain games to help keep your brain active. 

No matter your current health or fitness level, it’s important to simply keep moving. Any physical activity, no matter how small, is better for your mental health than none at all.

You know your body best, but it’s still smart to talk with your doctor before starting any new exercise programs. Plus, your doctor may have a few brain-boosting exercise ideas that are just right for you. 

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