Boosting health and connection at Life Time with Renew Active and ARORA

Making healthier connections at ARORA with Renew Active

Elaine Heusterhoff was thrilled when she learned her UnitedHealthcare Medicare Advantage plan included access to Life Time memberships at no additional cost through Renew Active®. That also meant access to ARORA, Life Time’s community for older adults offering exercise, social and educational activities to improve and sustain a healthy lifestyle.

“Sometimes when I took other classes, there were these very young people there and I felt like the ‘old person,’ but I didn’t care. I deserved to be there anyway. So I just kept coming,” Elaine said. “At ARORA, I feel better. When I retired, I made this my job.”

Elaine regularly attends Life Time in Lakeville, Minn., where there is excitement and warmth in the ARORA classes she takes. Whether it’s strength training or aqua aerobics, there is an easy camaraderie between the members and the instructors.

Life Time instructor Stacy Roland said she sees the impact of ARORA on the senior community during every class.

“I couldn't do it without the ARORA members,” she said. “I mean, they are the class and the club. I'm just here to help them through each part of it.”

In turn, the Life Time community feels empowered by the instructors, as everyone is coming from a similar level — whether it’s their first class or they’re looking for a challenge.

“Stacy is wonderful,” said Jane Sundberg, a Life Time member who attends Stacy’s class. “She's motivating. And she challenges us. ‘Can you do one more minute? Can you add a little bit more weight?’ And that's challenging for me. But she makes it fun. It's a no judgment zone.”

By accessing ARORA at Life Time as part of the Renew Active benefit of their UnitedHealthcare Medicare plan, members are able to build strength and achieve a healthier lifestyle — while staying connected and being social.

In many ways, the weekly coffee clubs and monthly social events of ARORA may be equally important for well-being. Research indicates that increased physical activity has been shown to reduce feelings of social isolation in older adults. Here, members have created connections that extend beyond the walls of Life Time classes.

“If I just want to talk, I can say, ‘Hey, you know, can we meet? Can we talk? Can we go for a walk or something?’” Elaine said.

With many opportunities for overall wellness and connection, ARORA can be one way that members with Renew Active can chart a path to help support a healthier body and mind.

“They can come here and they can find things that support their physical, their emotional, mental well-being and a community,” said Annie Kragness, co-founder of ARORA at Life Time. “It's a really special place.”

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