How to get dental and vision care coverage when you have Medicare

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Original Medicare (Parts A & B) helps pay for “medically necessary” care. This means care that’s required to diagnose or treat an illness or condition.

Does Medicare cover dental care?

Dental care is not seen as medically necessary by Medicare. Original Medicare generally doesn’t cover dental exams, procedures or supplies. Part A, however, may help with certain dental services while you’re in the hospital.

Does Medicare cover vision care?

Vision care is not seen as medically necessary, so Original Medicare doesn’t cover eye exams, eyeglasses or other related vision services.

However, Medicare Part B may cover some things for vision including preventive or diagnostic eye exams, including glaucoma tests, yearly eye exams to test for diabetic retinopathy and eye tests for macular degeneration, cataract surgery and prescription lenses or eyeglasses in certain situations.

But fear not, you have options if you have Medicare and want some help with the cost of dental and vision care. Learn how to get dental, vision and hearing care covered when choosing Medicare in the video below.

Getting Medicare coverage for dental, vision & hearing

Do Medicare Advantage plans cover dental and vision?

Medicare Advantage (Part C) plans can offer coverage for dental and vision health items in addition to also offering the same coverage as Original Medicare. Most also include prescription drug coverage as well as other benefits such as hearing health coverage and gym memberships.

Medicare Advantage plans are offered by private insurance companies. The plans available to you depend on where you live. What specific dental and vision items are covered and how much they cost will vary from plan to plan.

Find plans in your area

You can search and compare available Medicare plans with dental and vision coverage in your area using this simple tool. Just enter your ZIP code, and the tool will generate a list of plans offered where you live.

You may choose plans from the list to learn about and compare. Estimated annual costs and plan ratings for each plan may help you find a plan that may help you meet your needs.

The insurance companies offering plans in your area may be able to provide more information and answer your questions. Just contact them directly.

Regular dental and vision exams are important for maintaining overall health. It’s important to research your options and to find a plan that provides the services you want and need.

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