Indiana nurse practitioner goes the extra mile providing home visits

When nurse practitioner Kim DeMasie backs out of her driveway in her Indiana neighborhood and begins her day, she’s ready for the journey ahead — an estimated 100-mile trek across several counties — into the doors of seven different homes. 

“I think it’s really important when I go into a home to be friendly and treat them with dignity,” Kim said. 

Kim visits eligible UnitedHealthcare® Medicare Advantage members in their homes as part of the HouseCalls team. Her core work includes physicals, preventive screenings and checking members’ vitals. She also reviews their medications, checks their health history and takes note of any socioeconomic risks. If needed, she connects them to transportation and other benefits.

Supporting help at home through HouseCalls

Since 2012, UnitedHealthcare has provided more than 6 million wellness checks in the privacy of members’ homes through its HouseCalls program, bringing potentially life-saving preventive care. Last year alone, HouseCalls’ licensed practitioners completed nearly 1.7 million home visits. 

HouseCalls supports and complements a doctor's care, but does not replace it. A typical visit lasts 45-60 minutes, considerably longer than the standard doctor’s appointment. Through that additional time with members 10.8 million care opportunities, such as overdue cancer and diabetes screenings, have been discovered. Federal public health data states just two out of five older adults age 65 and older are up-to-date with screenings for chronic conditions, immunizations and other preventive services.

“Seeing people in their home is so important. We just really, as a profession, need to meet people where they are. We need to see if they live in a home that they don't have electricity, maybe they can't afford their medications, they may not have transportation, they may not have the proper food,” Kim said. “This is a chance to go into someone's house and see them as a whole person.”

“You can just feel that when she’s here, it’s all about you,” said Sharon Vincent, of Noblesville, a UnitedHealthcare member enrolled in the HouseCalls program. “You just feel loved and cared for.”

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