Medicare Moment: Learning the basics of Medicare Supplement plans

Written By: Phil Moeller, Medicare Expert, UnitedHealthcare Contributor

Medicare Supplement basics

A Medigap plan, or Medicare Supplement plan, might be a good fit for your health care needs. It works in conjunction with Medicare Parts A and B and can also be combined with a Medicare Part D plan for prescription drugs. But you should shop wisely.

Noted author and Medicare expert Phil Moeller breaks down the ins and outs of a Medicare Supplement plan to help you become better informed for choosing coverage that’s right for you.

New York Times bestselling author Philip Moeller is a veteran journalist and columnist who has written extensively on the topics of retirement, aging and health. His latest book is Get What's Yours for Health Care: How to Get the Best Care at the Right Price.

Author bio

Philip Moeller is the principal author of the Get What’s Yours series of books about Social Security, Medicare, and health care. Read his Substack newsletter and his posts on Threads @healthauthor.

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