How UnitedHealthcare UCard can simplify coverage and care

UnitedHealthcare Ucard

Accessing all the benefits a Medicare Advantage plan offers should not feel like more work than it’s worth. Plan members typically receive multiple cards to access plan benefits as well as reward cards for completing health activities.

UnitedHealthcare helps to simplify the member experience with the UnitedHealthcare UCardTM. UCard was introduced in 2022, and in 2023 is rolling out to more than 6 million individual Medicare Advantage members. UCard brings together the member ID with enhanced payment technology to create a single, integrated card that not only provides access to health care, but also allows members to shop with their benefits, spend earned rewards and more. 

“UCard is our attempt to make health care simpler and more accessible,” said Nick Holden, vice president of product for UnitedHealthcare Medicare & Retirement.

How it works

Instead of juggling multiple cards, UCard combines the member ID, over-the-counter (OTC) benefit, earned rewards, and more, into an all-in-one member card. Key features include:

  • Ability to check in at the provider and pharmacy
  • Members with an OTC, or OTC, healthy food, and utilities combined benefit can spend the credit on their UCard on thousands of covered items at more than <55,000> retail locations nationwide
  • All members with a UCard and Renew Active® fitness benefit can use the UCard to access their free gym membership on their first visit to any of the 22,000+ Renew Active network gyms and fitness locations – the largest national Medicare fitness network
  • Earned rewards are loaded onto a member’s UCard after they complete eligible activities like getting a flu shot, having a UnitedHealthcare HouseCalls visit, or achieving monthly activity goals

Managing UCard can be simpler than managing multiple cards, too. Members can visit the UCard Hub on their member website to complete actions like checking their OTC and rewards balances and shopping for OTC products or covered healthy foods online – empowering access to more of their benefits right at their fingertips.

UCard is ready to help ease the Medicare Advantage experience – and to make your purse or wallet feel a lot less cluttered.

To learn more about UCard watch the following video. And to find UnitedHealthcare Medicare Advantage plans in your area, visit

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