What does Medicare cover after a stroke?

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Each year, more than 795,000 people in the U.S. have a stroke. And because the major side of effects from a stroke can include problems with balance, hearing or vision, paralysis, decreased mobility and more, it’s a good idea to understand what Medicare will cover during recovery.

Medicare will cover rehabilitation services

Medicare will cover care in a hospital, rehab center or skilled nursing facility for stroke victims. Part A will cover any inpatient rehab needed after the stroke so long as your doctor deems it medically necessary. All the requirements and costs associated with typical skilled-nursing-facility care apply to care for stroke recovery.

Medicare Part B will cover needed outpatient rehabilitation such as physical therapy if it’s deemed medically necessary by your doctor.

Medical equipment needed after stroke

Part B will also cover durable medical equipment if it’s medically necessary for a stroke survivor. This may include items like wheelchairs, walkers, lifts or canes.

If you are at high risk for stroke, be aware of how your Medicare coverage works and understand what your costs may be should you suffer a stroke event. Talk to your plan provider about coverage and costs associated with health care services and equipment for stroke survivors.

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