Commitment to culture earns Green Bay office ‘Best Place to Work’ recognition

When people ask UnitedHealthcare compliance analyst and culture ambassador Samantha Ebert what it’s like to work at such a big company — if she ever feels like a number — she just smiles.

“If you feel like just a number there,” Samantha said, “you’re doing something wrong.”

She should know. As a culture ambassador, she plays a direct role building a workplace culture focused on community and setting up employees for success. Those efforts were recognized earlier this year when UnitedHealthcare’s Green Bay office was named the 2021 Next Generation Best Place to Work by Current Young Professionals (CYP), an organization within the Greater Green Bay Chamber of Commerce.

The honor goes to a business demonstrating commitment to the recruitment and retention of young professionals, implementing policies that respect a balance between work and personal life, and that values generational differences within the workforce.

For Samantha and her colleague, and fellow culture ambassador, Raul Torres Gonzalez, this recognition comes as no surprise. Both acknowledge the company works hard to create a workplace culture that values diversity, integrating employees with local, national and international backgrounds.

Additional efforts include mentorship programs, leadership luncheons, community engagement events, among other opportunities for growth and enrichment.

The culture ambassadors play a key role in creating such a dynamic workplace, helping break down barriers by creating events and offering opportunities to connect in different environments, across positions and tenure.

“We want to break down the silos,” Raul said, referring to the isolation departments within a larger organization can sometimes experience. “We ask, how can we connect more individuals?”

Networking and educational opportunities facilitate interaction among departments, offering employees a wider perspective of the organization and its mission.

Samantha calls this perspective “the 10,000-foot view,” and it expands far beyond the boundaries of the UnitedHealthcare Green Bay office.

With a dedication to social responsibility, UnitedHealthcare awards employees paid volunteer hours, provides grants to local and national organizations, while committing to diversity and inclusion efforts through mentorship programs and partnerships with historically Black colleges and universities.

Ambitious and impassioned, the culture ambassadors continue to look ahead. They are working on organizing a walking challenge to raise money for a local homeless shelter.

“With a large organization, there’s so much opportunity to make an impact,” Raul said. “That opportunity and a commitment to constant improvement is key.”

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