New collaboration targets urgent health challenges for Colorado youth

Supporting young people’s mental health needs, particularly during a pandemic, can take a lot of different forms. But all too often, there may be barriers to access the care needed, especially for those in underserved or at-risk populations.

Addressing the mental health of Colorado youth

In light of this, UnitedHealth Group’s Rocky Mountain Health Plan has recently announced a $30 million commitment to advance health equity across the state of Colorado, particularly for young people. This includes:

  • $5 million to support nonprofit organizations that provide mental health support and services to at-risk youth
  • $25 million to fund STEM education for young women, people of color and other underserved populations in Colorado

With the grants going to a diverse group of grassroots organizations – covering everything from youth suicide prevention, criminal justice diversion, service opportunities and more – the goal is to have a wide range of touchpoints to impact the lives of young Coloradans throughout the state. Through this, and through compassionate guidance and mentorship, young people can develop the skills to not only survive during difficult times — but thrive.

For more on this collaboration, click here.

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