Everyday LifeChangers — People leader edition

People Leader Everyday LifeChangers

Transcript will be available on 8/16/2023.

Colleagues who bring our mission and vision to life are often celebrated as Everyday LifeChangers.

With this edition, we’re celebrating four top-notch people leaders: Angela, Ken, Jacob and Mary. They sat down with Chief People Officer Stephanie Fehr to share their experiences and some tips for leading and developing great teams.

Angela August-Rodgers, Consumer Operations

For Angela, it’s all about inclusivity. With nearly two dozen direct reports spread out across the country, she knows it’s important for her team to feel heard and connected.

“I used to be a teacher and I learned early on how important it is to connect with each student. Just as I formed a bond with each student, I try to do that with my team members. Getting to know each other on a personal level helps strengthen our team.”

Ken Przybylowicz, Community & State

In his 24 years at the company, Ken has become the go-to person for many of his colleagues who have questions or need to bounce ideas off someone. Through these connections, formed over the years, he considers his team his “second family.”

“When my mom was sick, I was able to be her caregiver. That time was irreplaceable and I want my team to know when family things come up, I’ll support them any way I can to be there for what’s important.”

Jacob Gisler, Employer & Individual

Jacob is his team’s number-one cheerleader. He encourages them to seek out development opportunities and take risks – and is proud to share their success stories.

“Early in my career, my leaders motivated me to step out of my comfort zone. I do the same for my team now. Two of my team members have been promoted to supervisors. It makes me proud to see them grow.”

Mary Rohlf, Community & State

Mary is a caregiver at heart and being compassionate is a top priority for her. She puts herself in the shoes of our members and her team by being supportive, available and authentic.

“I fell in love with taking care of people when I became a nurse in 1981. While I’m helping in a different way now, I’m still living out my passion by supporting my team members who work in the field, setting up services for members with long-term care needs.

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