UnitedHealthcare employees bring the company vision to life

Meet 2021 Everyday LifeChangers

It’s time to introduce UnitedHealthcare’s next group of Everyday LifeChangers – employees who are full of drive and compassion, bring the company’s vision to life and go above and beyond every day. Congratulations to Juan, Erin, Mike and Kayla!

Juan Mora

Juan, senior Advocate4Me service lead, goes the extra mile for members every day. 

In one instance, he worked tirelessly to get a member living in a rural area the mental health help she needed. 

Juan found her the right behavioral health provider, scheduled appointments and even helped her sign up for weekly group therapy sessions. Throughout the process, Juan conducted regular check-ins to ensure she received the necessary support.

“Being able to help someone during their time of need is rewarding,” Juan said. “It feels great to make sure members have everything they need, right when they need it.”

Erin Henderson Moore

Erin, executive director for Dual Special Needs plans in Maryland and Washington, D.C., spearheaded a COVID-19 vaccine initiative that provides services for members in underserved communities. She is also part of the Community & State Diversity and Inclusion Council – playing a central role in creating a safe, respectful and inclusive environment for employees to grow their careers.

“I feel like I’m called to serve communities that are the most underserved,” Erin said. “It gives me the motivation to keep going and pay it forward.”

Mike Irish

Mike, business process manager for UnitedHealthcare Networks Pharmacy, helps members get prescription medications in the simplest, easiest way at the lowest possible cost. He collaborated with the Medical Analytics team to ensure members were able to get their injectable asthma medications in a more streamlined, efficient way and, just a few months later, worked with key contacts across several teams to help members with HIV get access to the affordable medication they needed.

“I have the opportunity to impact millions of lives through the applications I help build,” Mike said. “I always approach my work through the lens of our members, giving them the same attention I would want for myself or my family.”

Kayla Payeur

Kayla, associate director in talent development volunteered to help redeploy clinical employees who took on temporary frontline assignments during the pandemic – in some of the hardest hit areas. She supported this effort by getting these employees the resources they needed so they could focus their time and energy on caring for others.

“Seeing my colleagues put others first with such empathy and determination during difficult times made me so proud,” Kayla said. “Collaborating across the enterprise to deliver results for our members truly motivates me.”

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