HealthONE joins UnitedHealthcare’s Colorado Doctors Plan

As a board-certified family practitioner and chief medical officer of HealthONE, Dr. Gary Winfield is committed to ensuring patients receive the highest quality care the health care system can provide.

“The best health care is a combination of three important ingredients — access, affordability and quality outcomes,” said Dr. Winfield. “It’s my goal daily to see that our care is a combination of all three.”

HealthONE, with its more than 11,000 Denver-based caregivers and support staff, is a provider in UnitedHealthcare’s Colorado Doctors Plan. Originally launched in summer 2018, Colorado Doctors Plan provides access to quality, affordable, patient-focused health care for people with employer-sponsored and individual health coverage in eight counties across the Denver, Boulder and Colorado Springs areas.

“We worked extensively with local health care providers to create a coverage plan that has the doctor-patient relationship at its core. That’s where trusting relationships are built,” said Marc Neely, CEO of UnitedHealthcare in Colorado. “HealthONE brings an added value to Colorado Doctors Plan, a plan which offers significant cost-savings but also a more personalized, simplified and coordinated care experience that can help people improve their health and well-being.”

Colorado Doctors Plan originated with Centura Health, Colorado Health Neighborhoods and New West Physicians as participating health care providers. With the recent addition of HealthONE, members enrolled in Colorado Doctors Plan now have expanded network access to a broad network of care from more than 4,200 total providers and 22 area hospitals, including HealthONE’s more than 2,700 providers, seven acute care hospitals, nine urgent care centers and 17 ambulatory surgery centers in the Denver region.

Access to a wide range of physicians, specialists, clinics, and hospitals is incredibly important for quality and convenience, but affordability is also a critical component offered by the plan. Colorado Doctors Plan features a reduction in health care costs of up to 20% vs. a traditional PPO, along with 24/7 in-network care options and a better patient experience.

“Everyone’s goal is to create a health care system that is more accessible and more affordable. So, when we first envisioned Colorado Doctors Plan, we asked ourselves, ‘If we could build a better solution from the ground up, with consumer and physician satisfaction as job No. 1, what would that look like?’” added Neely. “Colorado Doctors Plan is the result, and we are incredibly proud of it.”

That’s part of the reason Colorado Doctors Plan offers members primary care, urgent care and telemedicine visits at zero co-pay, plus drug cost transparency and new technologies to help members navigate the health care system.

“At HealthONE, we are driven by our mission to give people a healthier tomorrow,” added Dr. Winfield. “We continue to innovate and partner with forward-thinking organizations like UnitedHealthcare of Colorado to make this state’s health care system the best it can be.”

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