Helping to support a member through a high-risk pregnancy

As Sylvia1 was nearing the end of her pregnancy last year, she faced a number of uncertainties. For the mom-to-be, welcoming her new bundle of joy into the world wouldn’t come without its share of challenges. 

Sylvia had a history of high-risk pregnancies, which had resulted in premature deliveries. Tragically, one of her babies did not survive. She was also worried about delivering her baby during a global pandemic. Sylvia said she heard stories of other pregnant women being turned away because her local hospital — overwhelmed with COVID-19 patients — was unable to care for them.

It became clear that Sylvia, a UnitedHealthcare Global Solutions member from Latin America, needed a higher level of care for her upcoming delivery. The Global Insurance Clinical team stepped in by helping her find an appropriate level neonatal intensive care unit in the United States and by ensuring that she had adequate coverage under her benefit to safely deliver.

Deanna Winn was the clinical care manager assigned to Sylvia’s case. After Sylvia and her husband arrived in the United States, Deanna followed up weekly to ensure Sylvia received all the necessary care leading up to her delivery.

“It was truly a privilege to be included in the Global team’s efforts in assisting this family,” Deanna said. “Consistent communication and active listening skills helped solidify the success of this family’s experience. Being a part of positive outcomes like this is what makes my job so worthwhile.”

With the help of Sylvia’s improved quality of care, she delivered a healthy baby girl at 34 weeks — the closest she had come to a full-term birth. Now back home with their daughter, the couple is extremely grateful for Deanna’s proactive management of their case.

Sylvia wrote an email to Deanna to express her gratitude, saying, “We truly could not have made it this far without your advice and prayers.”

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