UnitedHealthcare teams up with Northern Light Health for Medicare Advantage plans in Maine

UnitedHealthcare and Northern Light Health have announced three co-branded Medicare Advantage plans for Maine residents in 2023.

Dr. Ed Gilkey, vice president and senior physician executive at Northern Light Health (NLH), and Lisa Foster, vice president, New England Medicare and Retirement at UnitedHealthcare, talk about what you can expect with the plans:

What can you tell us about the plans being offered?

Lisa: We have three UnitedHealthcare Northern Light Health Medicare Advantage plans that will be available in Maine beginning in 2023:

  • A brand-new HMO plan available statewide with a $0 premium
  • A local Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) plan available to residents in northern Maine
  • A dual special needs plan available to residents in northern Maine

All of these plans include dental, vision and hearing benefits, over-the-counter benefits, plus access to UnitedHealthcare’s Renew Active® fitness program. Most plans also have access to UnitedHealthcare’s full national network of doctors and hospitals, no referrals required.

Why are Northern Light Health and UnitedHealthcare choosing to collaborate on these Medicare Advantage plans?

Dr. Gilkey: Working together will help increase Northern Light Health’s ability to improve population health across our state: Helping people by promoting ways to enhance their well-being, helping them to avoid diseases through effective prevention methods, and offering ways to find diseases earlier.

Northern Light Health continues to accept other Medicare Advantage plans in addition to our cobranded products.  

Lisa: Collaboration with Northern Light Health on these health plans supports our collective goal of improving access to high-quality care for our members in Maine. Medicare Advantage enrollment continues to grow statewide and nationally, and we have invested more in our 2023 Medicare Advantage plans than ever before – helping to drive down costs. This collaboration is an opportunity to take advantage of that momentum to deliver the best experience and value for our members.

What advice can you offer to help make the process of choosing a Medicare plan easier?

Lisa: Choosing a Medicare plan is one of the most important health – and financial – decisions you can make. Selecting a plan can feel complicated so I suggest a few simple steps:

  1. Check your current coverage to see if it still meets your needs and review it to see if your benefits will change next year.
  2. If you are considering enrolling in a new Medicare plan: Confirm your doctors and medications are available through the plan you’re considering.
  3. Don’t forget about dental, vision and other added benefits. Original Medicare doesn’t cover services like dental and vision, but many Medicare Advantage plans do.
  4. Take advantage of wellness programs that can support a healthy lifestyle, such as the UnitedHealthcare Renew Active® gym program.
  5. In 2023, our dual special needs plans even offer credits for over-the-counter health items, healthy food, and assistance with utilities.

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