10 tech startups hope to evolve innovative health solutions

Health care is changing. New ideas are needed more than ever and for entrepreneurs, the timing couldn’t be better to help evolve the health system. To promote this innovation, 10 promising startups will have the chance to accelerate their growth through access to a robust network of experienced health care leaders. The UnitedHealthcare Accelerator Program Powered by Techstars kicks off the second year of its partnership.

“Through our accelerator, we have the privilege of partnering with entrepreneurs who share a passion for addressing some of healthcare’s most challenging problems. These types of partnerships represent a critical tool in our innovation portfolio where the need for innovation has only accelerated as COVID-19 has changed the way we engage with our health,” said Joel Nelson, vice president of innovation for UnitedHealthcare. “We look forward to building off the success of our 2019 class and delivering impact for these startups and UnitedHealthcare.” 

Starting on Aug. 31, entrepreneurs from across the country will move to Minneapolis to participate in the program. These are the 10 companies, who have been selected through a rigorous and competitive review process, that will constitute the 2020 program class:

  1. Dieta
    This one-stop app helps patients manage digestive health issues, like irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). Patients can track their digestive diary, receive personalized recommendations and chat with gastrointestinal specialists and dietitians. 
  2. KiddoWear (built by Good Parents Inc.)
    This wearable smart device tracks children’s key vitals, like heart rate, temperature, activity and sleep. Doctors can access this real-time data to proactively understand a child’s health and identify potential issues. 
  3. Immuto
    A data management software that enables companies to utilize technology to create a tamper-proof, permanent audit trail for any data. This allows for securely storing, sharing and tracking business-sensitive materials while minimizing the risk of data breaches or fraud.  
  4. Kintsugi
    This is the first clinical-grade voice biomarker diagnostic that can measure the severity of depression and anxiety in real-time, based on your voice.
  5. Koda
    This program helps streamline the difficult decisions and conversations about end-of-life. By digitizing a significant portion of these conversations, Koda can minimize labor for physicians while providing greater clarity in the planning process. 
  6. Options MD
    This web platform uses data to connect patients with the right mental health medications that align with their lifestyles and avoid unpleasant side effects.
  7. Samaritan
    This digital wallet platform helps support vulnerable populations. By distributing capital, outreach care teams can engage individuals to reach housing and health goals. 
  8. Spora
    This platform incorporates culture at the center of your health care experience, providing convenient access to a holistic approach to primary care for people of color. 
  9. Vincere
    This telehealth provider offers real-time incentives and behavioral nudges to help patients quit smoking and make overall healthier choices. 
  10. Vocalytics
    These algorithms detect and analyze sounds and interactions to triage engagement and help improve the health care experience.

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