UnitedHealthcare Sensory Suite helps fans of all abilities enjoy a Twins game

UnitedHealthcare Sensory Suite at Target Field

The roar of the crowd. The fireworks after a homerun. Everyone singing along to “Take Me Out to the Ball Game.” This kind of energy is what many love about America’s favorite pastime – but for some in the stands, all the excitement can be a bit overwhelming.

For those with sensory processing challenges, a day at a Minnesota Twins game may bring feelings of anxiety, sensitivities to light and sound or panicked emotions that may be hard to regulate.

The UnitedHealthcare Sensory Suite at Target Field helps give these fans a safe place to take a break and still enjoy the game.  

In collaboration with the Minnesota Twins, the UnitedHealthcare Sensory Suite was first unveiled in April 2022 to help welcome neuroatypical guests of all ages and abilities, designed by health care experts. The suite, located on the UnitedHealthcare Suite Level, has breakout rooms with noise-muffling earmuffs, a controlled, outdoor area overlooking the game and aims to be a calming, sensory-friendly experience.

“What we have heard from guests and fans is that this is a space that has been so largely positively accepted and utilized,” said Amelia Johnson, senior director of partnership activation for the Minnesota Twins. “It has made guests who previously haven't purchased tickets or felt like they could come to a baseball game, be able to enjoy the game as a family or as a group.”

UnitedHealthcare and the Minnesota Twins also teamed up to provide sensory kits for guests to take back to their seats that include fidget toys, noise-muffling earmuffs and other tools to help regulate their emotions from the stands.  

Watch the video above to see the impact of the space.

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