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3 secrets for a more memorable season

VolunteersHelp the holidays glow a little brighter with these tips

It can’t be wrapped. Or tied with a bow. But it’s a wonderful gift: a holiday season that makes you feel good — and that you can remember fondly.Here are three ideas to help add more joy and meaning to your season:

1. Make a wish list

All the hustle and bustle can make the holiday season a blur of activity — rather than a time to treasure. So make a list — not of presents, but of times you want to feel present.

Think about the kinds of moments you want to enjoy — memories you want to make. Maybe that’s baking pies with your sister, recording your grandparents reminiscing about holidays past, attending a special service or ringing in the New Year with friends. Your list can be a great reminder to slow down and savor what means the most to you.

2. Write an extra-special note

Even if you don’t plan to send out a big batch of holiday cards this year, why not write one out-of-the-ordinary message to a special person?

Think of someone in your life who has been especially kind, supportive or inspirational. Write a thoughtful thank-you letter with your appreciation. You might even deliver it in person. Your words can make another person’s holidays more memorable — and yours too.

3. Give to others

On your own — or with family and friends at your side — find ways to help others. Drop by a nursing home — and ask if you can spend some time with residents who don’t have holiday visitors. Give outbound neighbors a ride to the airport so they can skip the parking fees. Make a care package for a soldier overseas.

Put a smile on someone’s face — and you’re certain to feel more festive too!

What to do next

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