Great ideas for better weekends

young woman on man's shouldersMake the most of your days off — with these fun tips.

Some days off may feel more like workdays — with a long list of chores, errands and other to-dos. In fact, a weekend might be so frenzied or forgettable that you’re left dragging and disappointed.

If that’s an all-too-familiar routin for you, maybe it’s time to rediscover how weekends can help you relax and recharge.

Unwind — it’s your time

Check out these ideas to have fun and feel more refreshed. Of course, everyone’s situation is different. You might not have traditional weekends off — or may have obligations that keep you hopping no matter the day. Try scaling one or two of these tips to fit your life and downtime.

  1. Find your happy place. Don’t let the weekend go by without doing at least one thing that makes you smile. Get lost in a good book. Play air guitar to your favorite jam. Or break out the board games. Of course, it’s also OK to do nothing much at all — watch a winter storm or curl up with your kitty — if that’s what makes you happiest.
  2. Play hometown tourist. Explore a museum. Hunt for treasures at small shops or thrift stores. Catch a concert. Or try a new restaurant. Not sure what there is to do near you? Check out the tourism websites for your area.
  3. Tap your creativity. Maybe this is the weekend to whip up a new recipe — or finally take that pottery class you’ve always wanted to try. Set your inner art critic aside — and craft a poem, paint a portrait or just doodle an hour away.
  4. Get physical. How about an outing with good buddies to go bowling, dancing or indoor rock climbing? It’s a weekend win-win: You’re together with friends — and getting exercise.*
  5. Power down. If possible, set your cellphone and other electronics aside for a few hours or longer. You might be surprised by how freeing that time feels.
  6. Turn in on time — and don’t sleep too late. It’s best to stick close to your usual sleep schedule, even on weekends. Shifting sleep patterns can leave you feeling out of whack. Craving a little weekend indulgence? Enjoy a short afternoon nap to catch up on ZZZ’s. One caution: Skip it if naps tend to make it tough for you to fall asleep later.

What to do next

Take a little time this weekend to plan healthy meals for the days ahead. You’ll help set yourself up for a great week. Need about a little inspiration?  Check out these tasty, healthy recipes 

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