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7 things to bring to your next doctor visit

When you need to see a doctor, it may save time if you already know what you need to bring with you.

Some of these things you'll need to gather right before your visit. But others can be ready to go ahead of time.

What to do in advance

Before your next sick day, make yourself a grab-and-go kit with these four things:

1. Your health plan ID card. You can review your benefits and print a copy of your ID card right from myuhc.comOpens a new window®.

Cool tool: Did you know you can use the UnitedHealthcare Health4Me® mobile app to view and share your ID card information with your doctor?

2. Your health history. Your doctor will want to know about your current medical conditions, as well as any past illnesses or surgeries.

Cool tool: You can use the Health4Me app to collect, track and share your personal health records.

3. A list of all the medications you take. Be sure to include both prescription and over-the-counter products, such as vitamins and supplements. And note how much you take and how often.

Cool tool: Use this prescription checklist any time your doctor prescribes a new medicine. It may help you better understand why you need the medicine — and how to take it safely.

4. A list of your questions. Asking questions may help you make more informed decisions about your health care. Between visits, jot down what’s on your mind so you won’t forget to ask.

Cool tool: Visit to browse questions on a range of health topics.

What to gather on the fly

If you have time before you see your doctor, here are three more things that can help you have a good visit:

5. A cost estimate. Review your benefit plan — and understand what costs you may be responsible for.

Cool tool: You can compare estimated costs for procedures and providers at Just look for the “Estimate Health Care Costs” button.

6. Online research. If you’ve looked up your symptoms or other information on a website, bring along your findings to discuss with your doctor.

7. A buddy. You can bring a friend or family member to your visit. This person can take notes, act as your advocate or offer other support. 

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