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Men: Start using this strategy today to stay trim

Forget fad diets — try these three everyday ways to help avoid weight gain

If you're a guy in or near your 40s, here's some timely info for you. You can use a 1-2-3 strategy to help fight a common concern: midlife weight gain. As we age, we all tend to lose muscle, which burns more calories than fat. This makes metabolism — the body's energy-burning rate — slow a little each decade. For men, this typically becomes a bigger problem after age 40.

Now, let's get to those three stay-trim-for-life strategies:

1. Go for cross-training

You need both heart-pumping aerobic exercise and strength-building exercise.* A balanced routine can help offset your metabolism slowdown — and you don't even need a gym. Brisk walking, for example, is a good aerobic workout. For strength exercise, you can get the job done — at least two times a week — by doing calisthenics, lifting weights or using resistance bands.

2. Stock up on good stuff

It's easier to eat healthier when you have nutritious choices close at hand. Those include: Fruits and veggies Whole grains Low-fat or fat-free dairy products Lean meats, fish, beans and eggs A bonus: Produce, whole grains and beans give you fiber — which can help you feel full and eat less.

3. Master portion control

It's not just what you eat. It's how much too. Eating sensible servings can help you cut calories. For instance:

  • Learn to estimate serving sizes. For example, for pasta, that's roughly a tennis ball. For meat, picture a deck of cards.
  • Dish up small snacks rather than eating straight from the package.
  • Use smaller plates and bowls.
  • Stay hydrated with water — and enjoy higher-calorie beverages in moderation.

What to do next

Post this ready-to-print infographicOpens a new window on your fridge as inspiration. It features 10 everyday ways to win at weight control.

*Talk with your doctor before significantly increasing your activity level.

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