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Mix up a fruity salsa: It’s as easy as 1-2-3

Create a fun and surprising fiesta for your taste buds

When you think salsa, you might not think fruit. But fruity salsas can be a sweet and flavorful twist on this popular dip and topping.  

Ready to try your hand at a spicy and cool creation of your own? Let your creativity — and this simple 1-2-3 method — be your guide.

Enjoy your salsa with baked whole-grain tortilla or pita chips. You can even make your own. Try this quick and easy recipe for Herb-Baked Pita Chips

Fruity salsas are also great over grilled chicken or fish — or mixed into brown rice for a bright and tasty side dish.

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Hot tips!

  • Wash produce and herbs well before chopping, dicing or slicing.
  • Seed tomatoes and peppers.
  • Try mixing in black beans or corn.
  • Serve salsa shortly after preparing. Or cover and chill.

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*Never touch your eyes or face when handling hot peppers. And wear gloves if you have sensitive skin. 

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