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5 everyday ways to keep love alive

Does your relationship need some care and attention?

All you need is love … or so the classic song goes. 

All you need is effort doesn’t have quite the same ring to it. But it’s certainly a needed ingredient in loving and lasting bonds.  

TLC for couples

Here are some ideas for tending to your partnership in caring ways:  

  1. Keep in touch — literally. Physical affection can help you feel connected. Hold hands. Offer hugs. Give each other back rubs or foot massages.
  2. Make time for each other — and for yourself. Plan date nights and regular time to reconnect. Give your full attention during those “just us” times. That means setting aside smartphones or other devices.
    And encourage each other to have interests of your own too. When you have hobbies and friends outside the relationship, you’ll have more to talk about when you’re together.
  3. Bring the fun. Laugh together — at a favorite movie, inside jokes or the antics of pets or kids. Try to approach everyday challenges as a team, with a playful attitude, to make challenges more manageable and fun.
  4. Do the unexpected. Surprise your partner with a special meal, a small but thoughtful gift — or just some peaceful time alone if that’s what’s needed most. Or plan a new adventure for the two of you — maybe that’s a night out salsa dancing or a day trip to a place you’ve never been. You’ll create fond memories and stronger bonds.
  5. Remember when …. When you feel yourself focusing on little annoyances in your relationship, shift your thinking by revisiting a better time. Look at couple photos you’ve posted. Read old love notes or cards. Listen to your song.

What to do next

Before summer slips away, plan a mini staycation with your partner. Check out these fun ideas for inspirationOpens a new window.

Talk it out: Counseling may help

Even the best relationships may need help sometimes. A licensed therapist may help guide you and your partner on issues big and small, from communicating better to resolving conflict.*

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