8 ways to be happier on the job.

Is there a secret to enjoying your work more?

The key may be to find more meaning and upsides in what you do every day. That may help you stay positive — and productive.

Here are 8 helpful habits to add to your resume. Not every idea will work for everyone — but there may be tips that inspire better days ahead for you.

1. Focus on how work fulfills you.

Think about what makes your job valuable and meaningful. Are you in customer service? Then it might be helping make someone’s day a little bit easier. Are you part of a team? Then it may be working together to get good things done. You get the idea.  

2. Give your workmates shout-outs.

Look for opportunities to praise your co-workers. Maybe someone made a tough deadline or came up with a creative solution to a problem. When you give kudos, you could make someone’s day. And that may brighten yours as well.

3. Show yourself some respect too.

OK, so you don’t want to humblebrag to your co-workers about all your success. But sometimes, it’s good to remember what you contribute. If you’re feeling stressed and pressed, remind yourself of the times you were winning at work.

4. Follow your work bliss.

Few things are more motivating than doing what you like to do. So be aware of the parts of your job that you truly enjoy. If possible, look for opportunities to do those activities — and tasks like them — more often.

5. Add your own happy twist.

Have something you don’t particularly like doing? Try to think of ways to make it more fun — or to change your attitude about it. Picture yourself slaying a dragon, racing to the finish or reaching a mountaintop, if that helps!

6. Be choosy about the company you keep.

No one can be expected to be upbeat all the time. But as much as possible, avoid people who are chronically negative. Instead, reach out to co-workers who offer support — especially when you feel stressed and need a lift.

7. Take moments to recharge.

You might think that working nonstop will help you get ahead. But that’s not always true. Taking short breaks may help refresh your focus and creativity. If you can, get outdoors — a few stress- and screen-free minutes may be the shot of energy you need.

8. Roll the highlights.

Before calling it a day, single out at least 1 good thing that happened on the job. What went well? Did you make progress on a difficult task? Did a co-worker help you out? Don’t let those bright spots slip by without some gratitude.

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