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Infographic: Dangerous Falls — Facts Everyone Should Know

Simple precautions may help keep you out of the ER

They’re unexpected — and they’re often avoidable.

They can also happen to anyone. And falling can result in injuries ranging from minor bruises and strains to broken bones and head trauma. In some cases, a fall can be deadly.

Infographic: Facts about Falls

Don’t let a fall get the best of you.

Take these precautions to help lower your risk:

Around your home

  • Clear stairs and walkways of anything you could trip over.
  • Improve the lighting, especially on stairs.
  • Get rid of throw rugs. Or fix them to the floor with double-sided tape.
  • Use nonslip mats in the bathtub and on shower floors. For added protection, install grab bars.
  • Wear shoes with nonslip soles — indoors and outside.
  • Clean up spills right away.

When you’re out and about

  • Avoid wet or slippery surfaces, such as freshly mopped floors.
  • Wear high-traction boots or shoes in snowy or icy conditions. Spread salt or sand on icy surfaces outside your home.

On an escalator

  • Before stepping on the escalator, make sure your shoes are tied securely.
  • Stand firmly in the middle of a step. (Soft-sided shoes may get caught on the sides of steps.) 
  • Face forward — and hold the handrail. Step off carefully at the end of the ride.
  • Don’t bring children on escalators in strollers, walkers or carts.
  • Hold children’s hands on escalators — and don’t allow them to play or sit on the steps.

What to do next

Strength and balance can affect your risk for falls. Check out this fun infographic for tips on how to sneak strength-training moves into your dayOpens a new window.

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