5 topics to bring up with your doctor

At your next checkup, be sure to discuss these stay-well subjects

When was your last checkup? If it’s been awhile, make a point today to get a wellness exam scheduled with your primary doctor.

These annual doctor visits may help you stay healthy for years to come — so you can keep doing the things you love.

They’re important to have, even if you’re feeling fine. Some health conditions, like high blood pressure and diabetes, don’t typically cause symptoms. Finding out about them through wellness exams — and certain tests your doctor may suggest — may help you protect your health, quality of life and future.

5 things to chat about at checkups

Scheduling your exam is a great first step. To help make the most of your time together, here are five important topics to discuss. Bring them up, even if your doctor doesn’t!

1. Screenings.

Medical tests can help detect some cancers or other diseases when they’re easier to treat. In some cases, like cervical and colorectal cancer screenings, they can prevent problems before they start. Ask your doctor what’s right for you.*

2. Vaccines.

Be sure your booster shots and other immunizations are up to date. Getting them as needed helps protect you and those around you from serious illnesses — including any vulnerable young children in your life.

It’s not too late for a flu shot! The shot offers protection even if you don't get it until well into flu season — which can linger as late as May.

3. Your BMI.

Your body mass index helps show if you’re at a healthy weight for your height. Calculate your BMI — and discuss your results with your doctor.

4. Your family health history.

If certain health conditions run in your family, such as heart disease, stroke or breast cancer, your risk may run higher too. With details about your closest blood relatives, your doctor can better advise you on what specific steps may help you stay healthy.

5. Your daily habits.

Would you like to quit smoking, eat healthier or get more exercise? Ask your doctor for advice — and how to get started. Don’t hesitate to bring up other important issues you might need help with too, like depression, sleep problems, or alcohol or drug use.

What to do next

Check out this handy checklist. It has five things to take with you to your next doctor visit.

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