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Know the 3 S’s of mindful eating

Discover simple secrets that can be good for your waistline

Eating on autopilot — most of us have done it. We’ve mindlessly flown through our food — maybe a whole plateful — without realizing just how much we were eating or really enjoying our meal.

But there’s a healthier way: mindful eating. It means waking up your senses — and putting yourself in control. This tuned-in approach may help you get to or maintain a healthy weight — all while enjoying your food more.  

The 3 S’s of mindful eating

Get started at your next meal by remembering these three simple strategies:

1. Savor. Notice — and delight in — what you’re eating. For example, notice the cold crunch of a raw carrot. Take in the bright red of a tomato — the sweet taste and aroma of a juicy peach.

What’s one of the best ways to do this? Resist the urge to multitask during your meals. Set aside your tablet or smartphone. Turn off the TV.

2. Slow down. Eating without rushing helps you be more aware of your food — and avoid overeating. So pace yourself. You might:

  • Put your fork or spoon down between bites.
  • Take small nibbles — and chew each one thoroughly. (Remember: Savor!)

3. Stop. The goal: Push away from the table when you’re satisfied — not stuffed. Pay attention to your body’s signals of fullness. And just like driving a car, it’s easier to come to a stop when you’re going slowly.

Another good pointer: Wait 10 minutes before going back for seconds. You may find you’re not still hungry after all.

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