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In it together: Weight control for couples

Healthy habits are easier — and more fun — if you team up

No one can control your weight for you. But if you live with a partner, you’re linked in ways that can affect your weight control efforts. You likely share some routines and habits, not to mention a fridge and dinner table.

The great news is that if you’re both trying to improve your habits, you can encourage each other. You’ll each reap the rewards of better health. And making positive changes as a couple may help you feel more connected too.

4 good ways to get started

Talk with your partner about these ideas — and see how many you can bring into your life:

1. Plan, shop, cook. Discover new, healthy recipes together. Make a date to go to the grocery store. You can explore the aisles in search of new fruits, veggies and other nutritious foods to try.

2. Bring the romance. A healthy and leisurely candlelit dinner may be good for your relationship — and your waistline. Practicing mindful eating means savoring your meals. A slower pace can help you tune in to your body’s cues that you’re getting full. Done regularly, this can help you eat less — and enjoy your meals more.

3. Set date night in motion. Take turns planning weekly dates. And stick to this rule: You must be active.* For instance, you might try a salsa or yoga class. Or how about renting a tandem bike or a canoe for the weekend? Maybe bowling is right up your alley — or you’d love exploring new hiking trails together. You can give your relationship a spark — and burn calories too.

4. Be each other’s biggest fans. Support and encourage your partner as you both work toward a healthy lifestyle. There’s power in a simple “Way to go!” or “I am so proud of you.”

Remember, the goal is not perfection. So don’t nag or criticize each other. Instead, praise the positive. Help each other through setbacks — and rally together to be your best.

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