Open enrollment

How to make an informed choice when you pick a health plan

Choosing a health care plan for the year ahead is an important decision during open enrollment. You can explore your health care options and decide what coverage is best for you before you enroll.

UnitedHealthcare has many resources available to help you decide. Review this information to get help to understand how health insurance works, learn different ways to manage costs and care and ensure you choose coverage that matches your needs.

UnitedHealthcare helps you balance cost and coverage

Find out how UnitedHealthcare plans offer more options for getting care and simpler tools to help you manage your plan.

3 things to consider before you pick a plan

Choosing the right health care coverage takes a little planning. Answer the questions on the next page can help you decide.

Qualifying life events

Life is full of surprise and change, and some require you to make a change to your plan during the year. Learn about three Qualifying Life Events, and how and when you can adjust your coverage. 

Getting married?

Learn what to look for when comparing plan options for you and your spouse to choose the best health care coverage as a couple.

Changing health needs or having major surgery?

When your health changes, you may need to change your coverage too. Use this guide to help you find the coverage that best matches your care needs. 

Expecting a Baby?

If you're planning to have a baby this year, use this checklist as your guide to help you make an informed plan choice.

Health insurance made easier

How to understand what’s covered

Identify the coverage you'll need for the year.

Cost sharing explained

Know how your plan will share costs with you.

Terms to know when you're picking a plan

How to talk the talk—and understand what it means for you. To make it easier, here’s a list of common terms and what they mean.­­

Why choose UnitedHealthcare

Things to know

We know health care can be confusing. This Health Care 101 video explains the basics of how health plans work.