Change in your health? Consider changing your coverage

Have you recently been diagnosed with a new health condition? Planning to have surgery? Use this guide to understand the health care coverage you may need.

1. Check to see if your doctor is in network

What this means for you:

If you’re managing specific health needs, you may prefer to see a specific doctor, specialist, or clinic. It’s important to consider which plans cover them in the network.

2. Think about your care needs

What this means for you:

With a new health condition, you may have frequent doctor visits and lab tests, take regular medications, or need to plan for surgery. Consider what your care needs are to determine the right plan for you.

3. Determine what cost savings matter to you

What this means for you:

Getting the right care and coverage is important to help you manage your health condition. In the long run, paying a little more out of your paycheck to have insurance may help you save money overall paying for care services. 

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