Getting married this year? Consider changing your coverage

As newlyweds, deciding whether you choose one family plan or stay on separate plans depends on your coverage and cost needs.

Answer the questions below to decide how to change your coverage.

1. Check to see if your doctors are in network

2. Think about your care needs

3. Determine what cost-saving plan works best for you

Picking a plan

Choosing UnitedHealthcare

UnitedHealthcare helps you balance cost and coverage.

Checklist to pick a plan

Find the right plan for you with this checklist.

Getting married checklist

Decide which plans are right for you and your spouse.

Having a baby checklist

Understand what plan coverage you may need for pregnancy and delivery.

Changing health needs checklist

Consider what plan coverage you may need for your health condition.

Health insurance made easier

Understanding coverage

How to plan for the coverage you need.

Sharing costs

See how you and your plan share costs.

Terms to know

Start talking the talk—and understand what it means for you.