Common health insurance terms

When you're choosing a health plan that's offered by your employer, you'll run across terms and phrases that may be unfamiliar to you. Understanding these common health insurance terms can help as you decide on coverage for the coming year. 


Coverage terms

What's covered under each plan varies. Here are some common terms to know about coverage.

Cost terms

No matter which health insurance plan you choose, you and your plan will share costs of your care. When comparing plans, knowing these cost terms will help you understand what costs you're responsible for and when.

Prescription drug coverage terms

The plans you're considering may offer prescription drug coverage. Knowing these terms may help you understand how your medication coverage works.

Types of health plans

There are many types of health plans. Each of them works a little differently. Here are some of the most common plans you'll find.

Enrollment terms

When it's time to enroll or change your plan, you'll want to know these common terms.

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