Accepting OU Health’s demands would challenge Oklahoma employers’ ability to offer affordable health care benefits

Health care costs continue to be a top concern for consumers and employers, and they expect us to help in making health care more affordable. That’s especially true today, as businesses throughout Oklahoma struggle to keep their doors open and attract and retain the employees they need. It’s more critical now than ever that we ensure they have access to affordable health care.

OU Health’s demands throughout the negotiation would have increased premiums and out-of-pocket costs for our members as well as the cost of doing business for companies that simply want to offer affordable health care coverage for their employees.

OU Health’s current proposal would directly drive-up health care costs for our self-insured customers, given that these employers pay the cost of their employees’ medical bills themselves rather than relying on UnitedHealthcare to pay those claims. In Oklahoma, more than 71% of our members are enrolled in self-insured plans. Agreeing to OU Health’s demands would mean some of our self-funded customers would see their health care costs increase as much as $111,000 over just one year.