Updated June 1, 2023

UnitedHealthcare Renews Network Relationship with Phoenix Children’s

UnitedHealthcare and Phoenix Children’s (PCH) have reached a multi-year agreement that ensures UnitedHealthcare’s members enrolled in employer-sponsored and individual commercial plans have continued access to Phoenix Children’s Hospital, Phoenix Children’s Medical Group and Phoenix Children’s Medical Group Urgent Care in Arizona.

UnitedHealthcare Community Plan in Arizona (Medicaid) members were not impacted by this negotiation and also remain in network through a separate agreement.

"UnitedHealthcare is pleased to reach a multi-year agreement with Phoenix Children’s that ensures the families we serve have continued, uninterrupted access to the care they need. Our top priority throughout the negotiation was ensuring these families and children have access to quality health care from the doctors and care providers they know and trust, and this agreement accomplishes that goal.”

We are pleased to have reached an agreement with Phoenix Children’s that preserves our members’ access to quality, affordable care. Maintaining competitive agreements with hospitals and care providers in our network is essential to our ability to provide affordable health coverage for our members. Our priority is to ensure our members have access to the care they need through a robust network of providers.

Letters are being mailed to impacted members informing them of our renewed relationship with Phoenix Children’s and that PCH’s hospital and physicians will remain in network. If you would like assistance finding a physician or hospital in your area, you can call the number on your health plan ID card or visit your plan’s website: myuhc.com

Thank you for your support throughout the negotiation process. UnitedHealthcare is honored to serve you!