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UnitedHealthcare's plans and capabilities help build your brand, retain your customers and grow your business.

Enhance your portfolio—and your brand

Our flexible commercial and government plans, which include public sector, Medicare and Medicaid—combined with national networks—offer more choice, more coverage and bigger savings. We serve over 32 million members and have 120+ years of combined industry experience.1

Groups that benefit from our plans:

  • Employers
  • Associations

  • Insurance companies

  • Financial companies

  • Third-party administrators

  • Consulting firms and more

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Count on expert capabilities

Differentiate your company by using the power of UnitedHealth Group’s diverse businesses, including Employer & Individual, Medicare & Retirement, Community & State and Optum®. You can feel good about working with us because our solutions may be backed by performance guarantees.

You'll benefit from:

National products and networks3

Your customers will see savings through discounted access to care and services from the largest provider networks in the country.

Dental: 100,000+ unique providers
 100,000+ private and retail locations
 5,000+ private and retail locations

Administrative and customer service

A dedicated account team, integrated implementation process and self-service administration website make the Private Label setup and rollout easier.

Data and information

Benefit from broad knowledge and experience in organizing health care resources to best serve specific local market needs.

Clinical insight

Take advantage of a vast amount of data that's analyzed and turned into actionable information.

Help lower costs and improve health through plan integration

Employees with a health risk or complex condition can receive clinical guidance and support. And you can lean on our experience and resources to help inspire healthier behaviors and build healthier bottom lines.

Examples of integration success

Health Plan + Dental Plan

$1,750+ reduction in medical claims per member per year.4

Health Plan + Vision Plan

57 percent of members with chronic conditions re-engaged with their doctor after an eye exam.5

See how the responsibilities are divided

Your company handles front-office functions:

  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Case installation
  • Enrollment
  • Billing

UnitedHealthcare handles back-office functions:

  • Product setup
  • Network management
  • Claims
  • Appeals

All supported by our distinctive customer service.

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