Video Transcript: HouseCalls Brings Health Care Home to Your Retirees

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Still images of participants flash across the screen.

PATRICIA K: I'm 66 years old, and I'm a retired social worker.

PHYLLIS: And I'm a retired school administrator.

JOHN H: And I'm a retired electrician.

MARY G: On December 9th, I'll be 90, and I'm a retired teacher.

Participants craft activities, take walks, and read books.

MAN: Every retiree has different interests, different priorities, different needs, which is why we're always looking for different ways to make sure our health care coverage fits your life.

ON SCREEN TEXT: HouseCalls By UnitedHealthcare

MAN: At UnitedHealthcare, we recognize there's no place like home for a lot of things, including health care.

A HouseCalls caregiver meets a participant on her front porch.

MAN: That's why we created HouseCalls. So what is HouseCalls? Good question.

ON SCREEN TEXT: HouseCalls By UnitedHealthcare

Phyllis and John go fishing. Patricia K sits in a calmly lit living room.

ON SCREEN TEXT: Patricia K, UnitedHealthcare Medicare Advantage (PPO) Member

PATRICIA K: When I first heard about the HouseCalls program, I had some questions about what would happen; who would come to my home, what their qualifications would be.

MAN: HouseCalls offers an annual in-home visit from an experienced nurse or doctor.

The caregiver sits down with the participant at a table. They discuss matters while the caregiver holds an iPad.

ON SCREEN TEXT: Joanne Bracewell

HouseCalls Nurse Practitioner UnitedHealthcare

MAN: Someone who can suggest ways to help you stay on course with your health and wellness.

PATRICIA K: The HouseCalls nurse initially got a little background information from me, did a blood pressure check, and she made suggestions of--about things that I could do differently.

PHYLLIS: The nurse shared with me some information about my prescriptions, and she took the time to go over those with me. She also talked with me in a very gracious, caring way about my weight and the concerns that I have about that. And she gave me some very valid and excellent suggestions on how to address that.

ON SCREEN TEXT: Phyllis and John H

UnitedHealthcare Medicare Advantage (PPO) Members

Phyllis and John sit at a dining room table overlooking an overcast lake view.


UnitedHealthcare Medicare Advantage (PPO) Member

MARY G: I have really terrible vision problems lately. And I'm not able to read the needle when I check my blood count. And I was having to wait until my daughter came over or the yard man came. And I would say, "Could you come in and wait long enough for me to get some blood on the testing strip and read me what the result is?"

Joanne, the caregiver, shows Mary a box for an electronic monitor device.

MARY G: And Joanne suggested that I be given a new kind of needle that is voice-activated, and it tells you the number. And it even keeps a record. So that makes me feel a lot better.

Phyllis and John talk and laugh. Patricia reads a brochure.


MAN: That's what HouseCalls is all about.


Convenience of a home visit

No additional cost

MAN: It gives you the convenience of an annual in-home visit at no additional cost to you.

ON SCREEN TEXT: Complements your doctor's care and provides helpful insights

MAN: It complements your doctor's care. And it provides you with helpful insights and information. Just a few of the reasons 98% of members who use HouseCalls say they're satisfied with their experience.

Joanne and Mary exchange a prescription bottle. Mary waves good-bye from her front porch.

ON SCREEN TEXT: 98% customer satisfaction*

* 2014 Member Survey Data

PATRICIA K: The fact that UnitedHealthcare offers this program is a bonus. It serves to complement the care that I'm getting from my own doctor and a reminder for those essential things that I need to do to maintain my health.

PHYLLIS: The nurse practitioner that came out to visit with us was extraordinarily helpful. And she was a wonderful person, wonderful personality. And she came in as a medical professional, and she left as a friend.

MARY G: Well, it's the first time I've ever had any insurance connection that did such a thing. You know, you get phone calls about "insure with us" and--or you get mail "insure with us," but there's never any connection with the "us." And--and with UnitedHealthcare, there is a connection. And the connection is that home visit, and that makes a difference for me.


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ON SCREEN TEXT: HouseCalls is offered through the UnitedHealthcare® Group Medicare  Advantage (PPO) plan for eligible group-sponsored plans. It may not be  available for all UnitedHealthcare plans.

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