Video Transcript: The Garage - Overview

On a light blue background, sparkly geometric shapes form a hexagon and frame the outline of a wrench next to white text. Pleasant music plays.


The text slides away. Additional text slides onscreen with graphics of a penci, calendar, and smily face. The text shrinks and disappears, replaced by a dark blue hexagonal bolt. A white wrench cranks on the bolt. The image dissolves to a conference room with a man and woman giving a presentation.

WOMAN: This is a very action-packed, action-oriented two-day workshop.

The male presenter talks to another man in front of a whiteboard. He points to sticky note under the words "EXPERIMENT LOOP MAP." Then Ryan Fulton speaks to the camera in a conference room.


Garage Training Graduate

RYAN: I would focus on one. For me, the Garage training was a really good opportunity just to think differently about how to build new products and new solutions.

In the workshop, the male presenter speaks to a woman. In the background, a woman scribbles notes on a sticky note on the whiteboard.

MAN: What is your number one problem?

A woman talks to the workshop in front of a whiteboard covered with sticky notes. A woman pages through a training booklet and writes in the margins. Katie Engler speaks to the camera in a conference room.

ON SCREEN TEXT: Katie Engler

Garage Training Graduate

KATIE: One of the things that they teach you is a business model canvas, and it quickly allows you to kind of get all of your ducks in a row and figure out what is that you want to do, what is your main value proposition, what are your riskiest assumptions?

A woman reads off one of the sticky notes to the calss.

WOMAN: Number one, higher profit margins, so...

Kristin Mertes speaks to the camera in a conference room.

ON SCREEN TEXT: Kristin Mertes

Garage Trainer/Coach!

KRISTIN: We have them actually get up and we've created maps that help them brainstorm around their customer segment.

A man and woman take turns reading off posterboards covered with sticky notes. The boards are labeled "Customer Segment Map."

MAN: 45 to 55 years old, married woman.

WOMAN: Household income is over 100,000 a year.

MAN: So she's motivated by beauty, love, and her family.

A man stands in front of the customer segment map and has a discussion with a woman attendee.

WOMAN: So there's a lot of participation between members, and you have other people kind of commenting on your ideas and working with you to arrive at your main concept or your problem.

Several members of the workshop stand at the whiteboard. Two women participate in a role-playing exercise in front of the class.

WOMAN: Okay. What's my position?

WOMAN: So you are a mom of at least one daughter.

Kristin continues her interview.

KRISTIN: It's really delving into who is this customer; what are they trying to do?

Men take turns writing on the sticky notes and reading from them. Ryan continues his interview.

RYAN: In the Garage training, they force you to actually apply what you're learning and role-play a lot of this so that you're getting practice at trying these different techniques.

Men and women sit in groups doing role-playing exercises.

WOMAN: Hi, Andrea.

WOMAN: Hi, nice to meet you.

MAN: So thanks for meeting with me, Mike.

A man hands Kristin a set of index cards. One reads "Having to Buy Massive QTYs." Beth Kullberg speaks to the camera.

ON SCREEN TEXT: Beth Kullberg

The Garage

BETH: The reason we created this training is because we were seeing capital waste on the front end of innovation because people were falling in love with their idea.

A bearded man speaks to the class in front of the wall of sticky notes.

MAN: And you guys are making me really uncomfortable by making me get specific about this.

Tom Sullivan speaks to the camera.

ON SCREEN TEXT: Tom Sullivan

Garage Training Graduate

TOM: I mean, anyone can come in with a great idea and then look at a spreadsheet and try to build a hockey stick type growth pattern, but it really doesn't mean anything.

A man speaks to the class. A woman scribbles on a sticky note in her workbook. Tom continues his interview.

TOM: You have to get out there and talk with folks, build something that sort of really validates the market interest.

A man speaks to the class, holding a remote for the projector. Role-playing exercises continue.

WOMAN: So I'm gonna ask you some questions to just help me understand more about you.

Multiple scenes of presenters speaking and people writing on sticky notes.

MAN: And the Garage training absolutely leads you down that path on a step-by-step basis.

MAN: Garage training is exciting and different. It teaches you new techniques, asks you to apply them in an active manner, and it sets you up for success.

A close-up of the workshop's projector screen featuring The Garage logo. The scene dissolves to a light blue background with the logo and white text.