UnitedHealthcare Medicare Advantage member:
Anne Shelton, Cincinnati, Ohio

Anne Shelton: I’m Anne, and I’m 55 years old. I’m active; I like to walk, I enjoy going to the gym, I like to swim – things that used to be everyday life changed when I got ill. I didn’t know what was wrong with me; my husband took me to the doctor and my hair was falling out. It was cancer and the prognosis was not good. They just didn’t give me much hope at all. They just said, ‘Enjoy your one to three years.’ I just laid in bed and I just was figuring, how I was going to afford a funeral and, um, what my kids would do and, ‘Why me?’

I called UnitedHealthcare.

Kim Ryder: I got a transfer call and it was Anne. She was crying and she didn’t know what to do.

Anne Shelton: I struggled at first and there were times I was just thinking, ‘What am I doing? Just let it go.’ And I would call Kim and she’d say, “Keep going. Get out of bed.”

Kim Ryder: On that very first call I got her a referral, which made a huge difference in how much she was able to trust me.

Anne Shelton: As time went on, we just had a connection.

Kim Ryder: She had told me during that phone conversation that her normal chemotherapy doctor had suggested that she get a second opinion, which she hadn’t done. I said, ‘Let’s just get you a second opinion!’ And she said, ‘Okay, okay, I trust you. Let’s do this.’ They have now treated her and the cancer is completely gone.

Anne Shelton: She saved my life, I don’t know how else to word it. She stuck with me the whole time. She has been my backbone through all of this. She’ll follow through and do whatever she needs to help anybody and that’s her goal – is to help people. I don’t know how to thank her enough.

Kim Ryder: Meeting Anne was a really special moment in my life. Never would have thought working at a call center was going to be able to let me touch somebody’s life in the many ways that we get a chance to do that. We talk about everything; we talk about her health, we talk about our families. You know, all of that.

Anne Shelton: I don’t know how to thank UnitedHealthcare for hiring the staff that does care about your members. I mean, honestly. It’s just amazing. I’m walking, talking, breathing, here I am. My outlook now is, there is hope. Never give up.

“There is hope. Never give up.”

Anne Shelton


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