UnitedHealthcare Medicare Advantage member:
Melinda Lacy, Jacksonville, Florida

Melinda Lacy: I’m Melinda Lacy. I grew up in Arkansas and now live in Jacksonville, Florida. I’m 72 years old.

My art and creative journey has defined my life, actually. I think that's basically what my life has been about, is just pursuing those interests that, you know, the questions that I'm looking for answers for. And finding it wherever I can.

And I was always, you know, like an overweight person. And I think I used it as protection to keep people at arm's length.

As I got older, my knees started getting bad and giving me problems. Primarily, I think, because of the weight. I decided I needed to make some changes. That’s when I joined the gym. But when I first started working out, the knees started bothering me a lot. I had absolutely no idea what to expect when they said, 'total knee replacement.' And then when they told me, 'you're gonna have to learn to walk again,' that just wasn’t in my realm of things that was gonna happen.

And then one day, Glenda called.

Glenda Cotrone: I'm Glenda, and I'm a UnitedHealthcare service navigator for the Navigate4Me team. Navigate4Me allows a single point of contact for our members during their vulnerable and challenging health events. The goal is to have a hassle-free experience.

Melinda: I kinda gave her a hard time. Because, I'm skeptical here. And there’s this program, you know, about she would do the navigating for me.

Glenda: I called Melinda. You could tell she was in pain. And I could just feel that she just needed someone to talk to. And so I asked her if she had an authorized representative. And she said, 'I don’t have anybody, unless it’s you.' And I said, ‘Melinda, you and I will get through this together. Side by side, we will face whatever we can.

Melinda: When she told me, you know, 'if you need anything; if you want me to research anything; if you have any questions – call me.' It was very comforting.

Glenda: There was a point that when she was in the skilled nursing facility that I called her every day. And I'd see how her therapy went and if she took three steps, we’d shoot for 'Let's get four tomorrow.'

Melinda: You know, I never expected or anticipated that kind of help, that depth of caring from an insurance company. I felt safe. You know, I felt taken care of and that meant a lot. A whole lot.

Glenda: She's had an amazing journey. She went from, I think, feeling alone; to not having anybody; not having the support system that we all deserve. To having self-confidence. And I could see the spark of life.

Melinda: She was somebody that I could trust. Which was a really good thing for me. Through my surgeries, she was always there. It's like all of a sudden I have a best friend here.

"All of a sudden, I have a best friend here."

Melinda K Lacy


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