Video Transcript: Digital Member

Technology, it puts information at our fingertips, making our lives easier.       

At UnitedHealthcare, we get it.

That's why we offer a simpler, individualized experience to help members anytime, anywhere, whether they're reaching out by phone, computer, tablet, or mobile app.

Centered around digital resources, like our easier to use app and website, this experience guides members to the information they need to help make important decisions about their health and well-being.

And when members are more informed, they're better able to make choices about cost, coverage, and care, that help them get the most from their health care dollars.

That can lead to employees who feel good about their health plan, and can help lower overall health care costs.

On their first day of coverage, your employees will see a welcome page and personalized video, with breakdowns of their individual benefit plan details.

When it's time to find a doctor, they can easily find providers that meet national, evidence-based standardized measures through our United Health Premium program.

Members can compare costs for providers and services in their network. And if they search for out-of-network providers, they can see how much they save by staying in-network.

When they need to find quick care, members can connect to a nurse 24/7, or launch a virtual visit from our website or app with the tap of a button.

They can even see consumer ratings and reviews of the providers. Your employees can get personalized recommendations and rewards to help them move more, eat better, and feel great.

When they have a claim, members can watch a short, personalized video to help better understand their charges, reduce their frustration, and prevent the need for calls.

Wherever they are on their health care journey, our app and website help members make the most of their coverage, from refilling prescriptions, getting health coaching, to finding convenient care options, and more.

UnitedHealthcare, creating a simpler, individualized digital experience that helps members get the most from their health plans, and take charge of their health and well-being.