How to complete an audit

What you should do after receiving an Eligibility Verification Audit

  • Complete the Employer Information and Common Ownership Certification Forms, and have an officer of your company sign and date the forms.
  • Provide supporting tax documentation for all employees and owners as requested in the Employer Information Form and Letter sent to your Group.
  • Indicate the state of residency, average hours worked each week, and date of hire or termination next to each employee on the tax documentation you submit.
  • Using the status codes provided on the Employer Information Form, indicate the status of each employee listed directly on the tax documentation you submit.
  • Complete all other forms included in your audit request.
  • Return the completed forms and tax documentation by e-mail or fax to UnitedHealthcare Risk Management:
    Fax: 1-877-232-7902

If you do not respond to our audit, provide incomplete information, or do not meet the eligibility requirements as defined in your contract, your group coverage will be terminated.

Remember that it takes time for us to review your documents. Please allow at least 5 business days to process your information. Pay close attention to the cancel date listed in your letter as all requested information must be received prior to this date. Information received after this date will not be accepted or reviewed.

All forms and tax documentation submitted are considered confidential and proprietary and will be used only in the Risk Management Department for verification of participation and eligibility requirements.