State tax forms

A copy of the most recent quarterly wage and tax statement filed with your state is required. This report is filed on a quarterly basis, and lists all W2 employees for unemployment tax purposes.

Required tax forms are listed below for your specific state. Please review Section E of the Employer Information Form for more information on tax forms, including additional forms needed by company type.

Required tax forms by state
State Tax Form Information
Alabama State of Alabama Department of Industrial Relations Unemployment Compensation Division - Unemployment Tax Report
Alaska Alaska Quarterly Contribution Report
Arizona Arizona Department of Economic Security - Unemployment Tax and Wage Report (UC-018)
Arkansas Employer's Quarterly Contribution Report (209B)
California State of California - Employment Development Department Quarterly Contribution Return and Report of Wages (DE9 or DE9C)
Colorado Department of Labor and Employment, Unemployment Insurance Quarterly Report (UITR-25)
Connecticut Connecticut Department of Labor, Employment Security Division - Employee Quarterly Earnings Report (UC-5A)
Delaware State of Delaware Unemployment Insurance - Quarterly Tax Report
Florida Florida Department of Revenue Employer's Quarterly Report (UCT-6)
Georgia Department of Labor - Employers Quarterly Tax and Wage Report
Hawaii Employer's Quarterly Wage, Contribution and Employment and Training Assessment Report (Form UC-B6)
Idaho State of Idaho - Department of Labor, Unemployment Insurance Wage Report (TAX026)
Illinois Employer's Contribution and Wage Report - State of Illinois Department of Employment Security (UI 3/40)
Indiana Indiana (UC-5A) Quarterly Payroll Report
Iowa Iowa Workforce Development - Employer's Contribution and Payroll Report (65-5300)
Kansas Kansas Department of Labor - Quarterly Wage Report & Employment Tax Return (K CNS 100)
Kentucky Division of Unemployment Insurance - Quarterly Wage Contribution Report
Louisiana Louisiana Department of Revenue - Employer's Quarterly Wage & Tax Report
Maine Quarterly Income Tax Withholding and Unemployment Compensation Wages Listing (FormC1-ME)
Maryland Maryland Unemployment Insurance Quarterly Employment Report
Massachusetts Massachusetts Department of Revenue Employer's Quarterly Report of Wages Paid (WR-2)
Michigan State of Michigan, Department of Consumer & Industry Services Unemployment Agency - Wage Detail Report
Minnesota Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development - Employer's Unemployment Quarterly Tax Report
Mississippi Department of Employment Security, (Form UI-3), Employers Quarterly Wage Report
Missouri Missouri Department of Labor and Industrial Relations Division of Employment Security, Missouri Quarterly Wage Report
Montana Employer's Unemployment Insurance (UI) Quarterly Wage Report (Form UI-5G)
Nebraska State of Nebraska Department of Labor, Unemployment Insurance - Wage Report (UI-11W)
Nevada State of Nevada Department of Employment, Training, and Rehabilitation - Employer's Quarterly Contribution and Wage Report (NUCS4072)
New Hampshire NH Employment Security - Employer Quarterly Tax and Wage Report
New Jersey New Jersey Division of Revenue (WR-30)
New Mexico NM Department of Workforce Solutions - Employer's Quarterly Wage and Contribution Report (ES903A)
New York Quarterly Combined Withholding, Wage Reporting, and Unemployment Insurance Return (NYS-45)
North Carolina Employment Security Commission of North Carolina - Employer's Quarterly Tax and Wage Report
North Dakota Employer's Contribution and Wage Report
Ohio Ohio Department of Job and Family Services - Unemployment Compensation Quarterly Tax Return
Oklahoma Oklahoma Employment Security Commission - Employers Quarterly Contribution Report
Oregon (Form 132) Unemployment Insurance Employee Detail Report
Pennsylvania PA (Form UC-2A) Employer's Quarterly Report of Wages Paid to Each Employee
Rhode Island Quarterly Tax and Wage Report. Division of Taxation - Employer Tax Section
South Carolina State of South Carolina Department of Revenue - SC Withholding Quarterly Tax Return (WH-1605)
South Dakota Employer's Quarterly Contribution, Investment Fee, and Wage Report (Form 21). South Dakota Department of Labor and Regulation, Unemployment Insurance Division.
Tennessee Tennessee Department of Labor and Workforce Development Premium Report
Texas Texas (C-3) (Employer's Quarterly Report) Worksheet; Texas Workforce Commission's (TWC) Unemployment Tax Services Employer's Quarterly Report,
Utah Employer Quarterly Wage List and Contribution Report (Form 33H)
Vermont Vermont Employer's Quarterly Wage Report (Form C-147)
Virgin Islands Virgin Islands Department of Labor, Division of Unemployment Insurance - Employer’s Quarterly Wage & Contribution Report
Virginia Virginia Employment Commission - Employer's Quarterly Payroll Report
Washington Employment Security Department - Quarterly Wage Detail Report (Form 5208B)
West Virginia West Virginia Unemployment Compensation - Wage Report
Wisconsin Wisconsin Division of Unemployment Insurance - Quarterly Wage Report
Wyoming Wyoming Quarterly UI/WC and UI Only Summary Report Form