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Component: Video Footer Strip


This component is designed to show a title, thumbnail, and description for a video.  Clicking the links opens a modal window layer with an embedded video player. 

The modal window has a configurable title, and contains the code for the video player. 

Videos may be sourced from YouTube or BrightCove through the editor interface.  Player code is generated appropriately for each in the modal window.


Switch: Hide Video related content on render -
Checking this box prevents the in-page code from being rendered, but still renders the code to open the modal window and play the video. This is to support the ability to use a text link an page content to open a video. 

Switch: Border around video title -
Checking this box add as class to

Related Feature: Open Modal Video Window from a text link
Used in concert with a video component on the same page, or on a different page, this feature allows you to configure a text link to open a modal video window create by this component. 

The text link is configured using the "Select Video" icon in the Rich Text Editor toolbar. This button is located between the "Align text left" button and the "Insert image" button in the top row of the tools. 

  • Highlight the text to link, as if you were doing a regular hyperlink
  • Press the "Select Video" button.  A browser dialog will open, similar to the one used by the reference component.  It allows you to select a page, then drill in and select a particular component on the page.  
  • Select a page, select a video footer strip on the page that plays the video you want to play.
    • NOTE: The selected video need not be on the same page as the link, but if you wan to be sure somebody else doesn't delete the component you've targeted, you might want to put one on the current page, then use the "Hide Video" switch to remove it from view if necessary.
  • Click OK

This should create a link on the selected text that will open the selected video in the Video Footer Strip modal window.

Test cases below:

Video Visible on Page

Open Modals from Text Links: 

YouTube Video

For comparison, This is the description for the Virtual Visits video

This is some text with a link in it to show how it is styledOpens a new window the same as another text.

BrightCove Video

Video Hidden on Page

Hidden Video Test: 

YouTube Video hidden

hidden BrightCove Video

Video Included from Different Page

Open Modals from Text Links using Components referenced on another page: 

Visible component:

Hidden component:

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