Our commitment to you and your family’s health care needs

We know your relationship with your doctors are deeply personal and important, and we understand how disruptive it can be if your physician or local hospital no longer participates in our network. That is why we’re disappointed Mount Sinai chose to end our contract. We wanted to keep Mount Sinai in our network, but we also have a responsibility to ensure health care is affordable for the families and employers we serve.

While we remain committed to working with Mount Sinai with the goal of restoring network access to the health system’s hospitals, we also want to reassure you that you continue to have access to a robust network of care providers despite Mount Sinai leaving our network.

Offering a broad choice of hospitals and physicians throughout New York City

We want you to know you continue to have access to a broad network of hospitals throughout New York City that includes not only some of the best hospitals in the state, but some of the top-ranked hospitals in the country.

Some of the hospitals remaining in our network include, but are not limited to:

  • Bellevue Hospital Center

  • Elmhurst Hospital Center

  • Flushing Hospital Medical Center

  • Lenox Hill Hospital

  • Long Island Jewish Medical Center

  • Maimonides Medical Center

  • Mercy Medical Center

  • New York Presbyterian Columbia

  • New York Presbyterian Lower Manhattan Hospital

  • New York Presbyterian Queens

  • New York Presbyterian Weill Cornell

  • North Shore University Hospital Manhasset

  • NYU Langone Hospital Brooklyn

  • NYU Langone Hospital Long Island

  • St. Francis Hospital

  • St. Johns Episcopal Hospital

  • St. Joseph Hospital

  • Wyckoff Heights Medical Center

Ensuring you get the care you need

Our top priority is ensuring you and your family have continued access to the care you need. That’s why we offer continuity of care, which allows UnitedHealthcare members in the middle of treatment at a Mount Sinai hospital or those who have a serious acute or chronic condition to continue receiving covered services for a specified period of time after a hospital leaves our network. A few examples of patients who may qualify include but are not limited to:

  • Women who are pregnant.
  • Patients with newly diagnosed or relapsed cancer, or those currently in active cancer treatment. 

If you have questions about continuity of care or alternative physicians in your area, please call the number on your health plan ID card. Our dedicated team is ready and available to assist you with any questions you have regarding your health care options. You can also search for alternative facilities and doctors in your area at myuhc.com.

We’re here for you

We know this is difficult. We’re committed to making it easier. Please call us at the number on your health plan ID card if you have questions or need support. And please know we will stay at the negotiating table as long as it takes. We urge Mount Sinai to join us there and work toward an agreement that is affordable and is in everyone’s best interests.