We have in-depth experience and knowledge of the California market. We live here. We work here.

Our strong local presence enables us to see the opportunities as well as the issues, so we can deliver effective solutions to address the specific needs of Californians.

Health matters to everyone, in every community. Regardless of income, zip code, or medical history, people want quality health care – and they should be able to access it. At UnitedHealthcare Community & State, we serve millions of Americans, many of whom contend with complex medical conditions, on top of a daily struggle to make ends meet.

We operate nationally, but we know that health care is locally delivered and personally experienced.

We collaborate with physicians, hospitals and other local partners to provide personal service — at scale.

Investing in communities for social impact

UnitedHealthcare Community & State is partnering with California communities to tackle health and socioeconomic challenges through social impact investing. The approach involves investing in community organizations to increase their capacity to meet community needs and accelerate program impact.

Read more about how we’re partnering on the local level to help address social determinants of health in Los Angeles County.

Discover how our backgrounds inspire and inform our work

Our employees are using their pasts to create a better health care future for all. Many of our employees have a unique, personal understanding of the people we serve.

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